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“I am pleased to say that IPS has managed my rental Tri-Plex independently for more than 12 years! They ensure that expenses are kept low and they raise rents to meet Market Value whenever it is necessary. I know my best interests are their top priority, including the welfare & safety of the residents who occupy my investment! IPS is my Real Estate Advisor & I trust their honesty & expertise.”

Bud B. (client since 10/16/97) score = 13 excellent out of 13

“I was desperate as my rental had been sitting empty for 4 months managed by another local Fresno firm. IPS advised me on the market, the surrounding rentals and things I need to tidy for maximum results. IPS policy is to not charge their modest fee until my home was rented – that in its self was a relief. In 10 days we had several potential renters! They advised me on all the legal’s involved… and made sure the rental process was as seamless as possible for all parties involved. I recommend IPS to friends looking for a rental and those in need of a property management company.”

Tori A. (client since 06/08/05) score = 13 excellent out of 13

“IPS is very good at informing me about the needs of my house, Example Repair Work. Providing great renters!”

Lillian C. (client since 02/20/06) score = 13 excellent out of 13

“No hesitation in recommending IPS. I’m in the real estate business and recognize the exceptional service I receive.”

John W. (client since 08/04/05) score = 13 excellent out of 13

“Experience with this company has been excellent. Would recommend to anyone looking for professionalism”

Richard G. (client since 03/09/07) score = 13 excellent out of 13

“IPS is an outstanding company to manage my properties. They are prompt, efficient, honest and easy to work with.”

Dr. Paul T. (client since 12/06/04) score 13 excellent out of 13

“IPS have been very professional and undertake all responsibilities to their clients. We are more than satisfied”

Carol D. (client since 08/24/06) score 13 excellent out of 13

“IPS is a Company that I can trust to do what is necessary to care for my Investment without a worry in the world to me! Their advice in handling issues that arise comes from years of experience managing Tenants and Rentals.”

Ann B. (client since 12/10/08) score 13 excellent out of 13

“Being an out of town property owner, I have the peace of mind that my rental is in competent hands.”

Jeanina D. (client since 06/04/07) score 13 excellent out of 13

“I recommend them! They are courteous, friendly and very professional”

Michelle M. (client since 09/20/05) score 13 excellent out of 13

“IPS was the only management service to answer the phone on a Saturday, when I started looking for a property manager. They have offered valuable, practical advice”

Carol S. (client since 07/06/05) score 13 excellent out of 13

“We are very happy with IPS”

Pam M. (client since 01/03/08) score 13 excellent out of 13

“So far, so excellent”

George K. (client since 04/14/08) score 13 excellent out of 13

“Over the past many years, IPS has managed our property. We live far away and were not able to properly tend to our tenants. IPS kept us in the loop on everything, were extremely easy to deal with and were very organized with their documentation. We recently decided to sell the property and used IPS as the Listing Agent as well and were not disappointed. The selling process was easy and effortless! From managing to selling properties, IPS has truly been a pleasure to work with!”

Kristin N. (client since 10/27/10) score 13 excellent out of 13

“We are very pleased with the professionalism of the IPS staff and the information provided.”

Richard Y. (client since 01/16/09) score 13 excellent out of 13

“I have been using IPS since 2005, the first 3 years I lived in the area and would take care of some of the service problems myself. But since then I have been living fulltime in Mexico and do not return to the area very often. Since we left, we have had total peace of mind, IPS has done a great job managing our properties in our absence. I have always been impressed with their knowledge of the law and legal responsibilities of both the renter and the owner. Thanks Ed and Linda – I couldn’t do it without you both!”

Marden B. (client since 05/11/05) score 13 excellent out of 13

“IPS has done a wonderful job with everything since the day we hired them. The Company is a real Gem! I wish I could find someone as great to manage my Bay Area property!”

Brent S. (client since 04/15/05) score 13 excellent out of 13

“Linda & Ed are both very professional and knowledgeable in the Real Estate Market. They made the transition out of my home and turning it into a Rental Property a very easy and effortless transition. I’m confident in the both of them to see after my property and that it stays well maintained. It has been my great pleasure to work with Ed & Linda Koleen.”

Kelly L. (client since 05/13/09) score 13 excellent out of 13

“It is wonderful to know everything is being taken care of and our renters are in good hands. It’s one less thing I have to worry about and will never try to manage a rental house without IPS!”

Wendy S. (client since 06/04/08) score 13 great out of 13

“IPS has handled our rentals since 2008. They take care of everything! If a decision has to be made, I am contacted with the issue, make a decision, and it is taken care of. I have gone by a few of our properties and they all appear clean and taken care of. We are pleased with “IPS” Property Management’s services.”

Dene V. (client since 10/02/08) score 13 excellent out of 13

“I live several hours from my properties, so it is very important that I can count on the Manager. The Company has worked well for me.”

Kathleen R. (client since 03/23/07 score 13 excellent out of 13

“Wouldn’t think of renting out our property without the help of IPS!”

Richard M. (client since 04/09/07) score 9 excellent & 4 neutral out of 13

“No problems! Not much contact, but when there is a problem – it is solved!”

Maureen M. (client since 12/26/05) score 13 great out of 13

“IPS has treated my property as if it were their own. I definitely have piece of mind knowing that my investment is well cared for. They are efficient, responsive, friendly, courteous and easily accessible. I appreciate Ed’s “no nonsense and upfront” advise about potential tenants and Linda’s almost immediate response to my emails and calls. I would highly recommend them!”

Mayra F. (client since 11/12/12) score 13 excellent out of 13

“We purchased our 1st rental! Out Realtor and family member referred us to IPS. We had a few issues that came up with the home, found by our new renters. Ed was on top of the issues and kept us and renter informed. All parties were very pleased with the outcomes.”

Arthur K. (client since 07/01/14) score 13 excellent out of 13

“I first met Linda Koleen when I purchased a home in 2003 – she did a FANTASTIC job in representing my interests. Since then, my husband & I have engaged IPS to manage our rental property & IPS has done an excellent job in overseeing our rental as well as our tenants. Their client reporting system provides excellent information on cash flow and expenditures which helps immeasurably at tax time. We would highly recommend Linda and her services to anyone who wants an experienced professional to represent them.”

Beth R. & Sam M. (client since 12/11/08) score 13 excellent out of 13

“The new monthly summary was a bit confusing to us.”

Victor M. (client since 05/10/06) score 7 excellent & 4 great

“It feels good to sit back and relax knowing Ed and Linda have the bases covered. We have complete confidence in them.”

Eugene N. (client since 09/16/10) score 13 excellent out of 13

“We have been with IPS for almost 4 years. We have 2 homes with them. They are a husband & wife team, so when you call with a problem, you get either Ed or Linda. They take care of the problems right away, without any hassle. Whey your dealing with big property management companies, you don’t know who you are dealing with and if your problems are being taken care of.”

Loralea T. (client since 10/19/10) score 13 excellent out of 13

“Very impressed with all our experiences with IPS!”

Ian C. (client since 09/02/09) score 13 excellent out of 13

“Both very professional”

Joe G. (client since 02/16/05) score 13 excellent out of 13

“IPS has represented me in a very positive, professional and helpful manner. I have greatly appreciated the personal service of Ed and Linda; and highly recommend them to new landlords and tenants.”

Terry M. (client since 02/20/11) score 12 great & 1 excellent